Pretty Rubber Tires

Snow-covered pier, Honningsvåg, Nordkapp, Norway

Two days ago we had a record low and the harbor was covered in a thin sheet of ice.  Most of the boats and piers were also encased in a thick layer of ice.  However, yesterday the temperature rose, and the crystal sea returned to normal and the frosted harbor melted into it’s original form.  I took these photos at low tide, before the pretty frosty wheels turned back into black, rubber tires.

About ekhaugli

I'm Erica from America living at the top of the world - North Cape, Norway. I'm an artist at Once Upon a Dream Studio, nestled in the picturesque fishing town, Honningsvåg. In 2014 I started and environmental art project, One Step at a Time, concentrating on removing trash from or arctic shoreline.
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7 Responses to Pretty Rubber Tires

  1. Looking For Water says:

    That is so surreal! Beautiful photos Erica.

  2. drawandshoot says:

    Wow! That is amazing Erica. Natures own art installation. Beautiful images.

  3. Grant Dixon says:

    My oh my that is cold!

  4. Steven Tze says:

    I just had weird flashbacks to the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters and the Michelin Man! So I’m guessing the tide goes up to where the snow line begins. Beautifully captured especially the photograph of the corner where you can see the intersection of various snow encased parts.

    • ekhaugli says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I also thought of the Michelin Man. The tires aren’t usually encased in ice, but since the air temperature was so cold, when the salt spray hit the the surface, it froze immediately. It was quite a sight, but now it’s gone as our temperatures have been milder.

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