Photo of the day: Walking in a Winter Wonderland, May 29, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland, May 29, 2012, Nordkapp, Norway

About ekhaugli

I'm Erica from America living at the top of the world - North Cape, Norway. I'm an artist at Once Upon a Dream Studio, nestled in the picturesque fishing town, Honningsvåg. In 2014 I started and environmental art project, One Step at a Time, concentrating on removing trash from or arctic shoreline.
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20 Responses to Photo of the day: Walking in a Winter Wonderland, May 29, 2012

  1. Hard to think of snow when it was 34°C here in central Texas today and we’ve had wildflowers for four months.

    Steve Schwartzman

  2. drawandshoot says:

    Wow, back to the snow! Still beautiful in the spring snow.
    Hope it warms up for you soon, Erica.

  3. Sallyann says:

    I like the way the colours are still calling you through the snow. Wrap up warm. 🙂

  4. allesistgut says:

    I hope it gets a little bit warmer at the North Cape. Have a nice weekend! 🙂

  5. Three weeks to the solstice, is that snow normal for this time of year???

    • ekhaugli says:

      It’s been known to snow on the longest day of the year as well. The good news is that it melts very quickly 🙂 Today we have 10 C and sun.

  6. Dina says:

    Brrrrrrrrrr…. I Spent 3 weeks in May in my hometown, Fredrikstad – 0° on the 3d of May and 29° on the 22nd of May.
    I like your Site, good work!

    • ekhaugli says:

      Thank you. We have had 10 degrees and sun the last two days, so it makes up for the snow. Er du norsk eller tysk.. så på siden din og lurte på det 🙂

      • Dina says:

        🙂 Jeg er norsk, snakker og skriver tysk og bor gjerne i Norfolk (England) när jeg ikke er i Bonn

      • ekhaugli says:

        Artig å finne andre som bruker flere språk i hverdagen sin… jeg snakker norsk med mannen min all alle voksen rundt meg og engelsk med barna mine. Men jeg er ikke så flink å skrive på norsk …bygger opp setninger på en engelsk måte. Derfor er bloggen på engelsk. Fantastisk at du skriver bloggen din på tysk. Jeg får ikke leser alt som står der men kan få gleden av bildene. 🙂

      • Dina says:

        Ja, das finde ich auch! Nice to get to know you. Enjoy life in the North.
        Hilsen Hanne/Dina

    • ekhaugli says:

      Thank you. I looked at your site, but I can’t read German 🙂 Are you Norwegian/German? And where are you living now?

  7. Oooh! I must remember that feeling of cold when I’m complaining about how hot it is here in Sri Lanka! I know which I prefer, but I did love the look of snow:) Hope that’s the last of it till next year?
    Thanks for the follow today – I’m going to enjoy delving further into your blog:)

    • ekhaugli says:

      Thanks for your follow as well. And yes, it’s quite a difference between Sir Lanka and Norway. I was there in 2004. Beautiful and warm! Today we had a beautiful, sunny day and I’m hoping the snow is done for some months. Looking forward to following your blog as well. 🙂

  8. Fia says:

    Uff! Vi hade över 20 grader i Uppsala i förra veckan. Idag har vi haft 5 grader och regn heeeela dagen. Om det hade kommit snö hade jag nog dött skulle jag tro. Om mindre än en månad ska jag på festival och tälta i en vecka. Då MÅSTE det vara fint väder, annars vet jag inte vad jag gör.

    • ekhaugli says:

      Håper du får fint vær til festivalen. De siste to dager har vært fint. 10 grader og sol, ikke verst. Har vært på fjell tur og nyttet dagen. Kos deg på festivalen.

  9. He, he, we tried it here too, a bit further south…

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