In and Out of a Snow Flurry

This time of year, snow flurries blow through our town more times than we can count in a day.  Bright arctic blue skies are replaced with  snow clouds and low visibility in the blink of an eye.

winter storm, nordkapp, north cape



And then, just as quickly as it came, it flies on by and leaves us with fresh snow and blue skies again.




About ekhaugli

I'm Erica from America living at the top of the world - North Cape, Norway. I'm an artist at Once Upon a Dream Studio, nestled in the picturesque fishing town, Honningsvåg. In 2014 I started and environmental art project, One Step at a Time, concentrating on removing trash from or arctic shoreline.
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15 Responses to In and Out of a Snow Flurry

  1. Bridget Perkin says:

    Before I looked at your photos, I visite at the Honningsvag webcam, as I often do and used the archive to see the Hurtigruten ship at 13.00 – it was snowing! Fifteen minutes before and afterwards it was sunny – as you say. It must make life interesting!

  2. greenlakeblue says:

    Wow! This looks fab. Is this the weather you have now up there? Still so much snow in March?
    I love the reflection of the blue sky on the water.

    • ekhaugli says:

      Thanks Natalie. This is the weather we have now. We get most of our snow in March and April. We don’t have Spring until June and we basically skip over summer 🙂 But it is lovely and inspiring for me as an artist.. year round in all kinds of weather, in the midnight sun season, as well as the polar nights. I’m sure you’d be inspired here 🙂

      • greenlakeblue says:

        Hi, that sounds lovely. I have experienced the Midnight Sun when I visited Norway in 2003 and it was amazing to go for a walk in the mountain at 1am and full day light! 🙂

        I checked your website and wanted to post a comment (on your blog here) the other day but for some reason didn’t go through. You have very interesting pieces and your art space looks so inspiring. I love the Angel shells!

        Take care~~~

      • ekhaugli says:

        Yes, hiking in the middle of the night is a wonderful experience. Another great thing to do is hike in the first week after the midnight sun is finished. There is a place here where you can see the sun set and rise in the course of a half hour. Amaazing!

        And thanks for stopping by my other site. Glad you like the shell angels. They are fun to make, but even more fun to go collect the shells on the beach 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. Thrilling stuff – and such beauty. Is it particularly noticeable now, as Spring approaches?

  4. allesistgut says:

    I love those weather changes. Very exciting. Go’ helg! 🙂

  5. haridasgowra says:

    good image………clear view/………..

  6. vanhalenjosh says:

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